After the end of a significant relationship you might feel lost without your other half. You might feel mired in guilt, blame, and shame. If you are ready to claim life on YOUR terms, Kerri is ready to share the path to freedom in From We To Me. This book invites you to make the journey to another way of living: Me.

Even if you are currently part of a We, this book provides powerful insights into relationship dynamics from Kerri’s 20 year marriage that will help you show up more authentically.

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Take the journey From We To Me


In From We To Me, Kerri Hummingbird shares insights from her own journey, wisdom from spiritual thought leaders, and profound shifts in paradigm that will guide you in your own process of emerging self after divorce. The wisdom in this book is challenging and deeply grounded in personal transformation.


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“Kerri’s honesty, depth, and clarity shine through everything she writes. Her newest book, From We to Me, is a beautiful guide to the challenges of creating closure and healing in intimate relationships. Whether you are navigating through a difficult divorce, seeking support in healing from the end of a relationship, or looking for tools to be a more present, loving partner in your current relationship, Kerri’s compassionate voice will soothe and bring your heart and mind peace.” ― HeatherAsh Amara, author of Warrior Goddess Training

This is in my top 5 list of favorite books this year ~ The insight, the tools and the teachings helped me to clear away old energy from my divorce and emerge into a life that is more guided and focused on “Me”.”  ― Mary Adams, founder of Empower Your Life Today and Co-Creator Radio Network

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